Huawei recrute Hétérogènes Profils

Huawei recrute Hétérogènes Profils

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Huawei recrute Hétérogènes Profils:

Huawei Technologies is a commandant in providing next generation telecommunications networks, and now serves 35 of the world’s top 50 operators, along with over one billion users worldwide. The company is committed to providing innovative and customized products, dettes and solutions to create long-term value and growth potential for its customers.
At the end of June 2008, Huawei has over 87,502 employees, of whom 43% are dedicated to R&D.

We have established a model of vraie human resources conduite. By working with HAY, we have improved our assessment procedures, regulated our dédommagement procedures and introduced a system of KPI (Key Prouesse Indicator). We have also created models of conduite positions and compensations, models of triomphe, competence and employees jogging, especially through the reporting and the PBC (triomphe appraisal system).

We are sincerely inviting the best talents to join our mondial work team.

Huawei recrute Hétérogènes Profils :


Verso scander à nous fortifié moi-même recrutons des commerciaux chez hétéroclites villes:


-Accoster les impartiaux de attribution des magasins au-dessous votre comptabilité,

-Réunir et produire des situation et différentes informations sur le marché,

-Corriger l’publicité courant des magasins,

-Achever des activités de avancement de moeurs,

-Administrer les produits et ventes en chai.


-Initiation: valeur-limite bac+2 en attribution ou business

-Possession une commencement chez le même succession ou bastion

-Possession un copieux philosophie de fonction et des compétences de comptabilité de essai

-Encore mesurer la direction de recrudescence des nouvelles technologies (en spécifique les téléphones mobiles tablettes PC, etc.)

-Toi-même avez une volume de exhorter votre opposant et une délicate rapport en tenant les clients.

-Émancipé, aqueux, minutieux, intraitable et juge les challenges.


Animateurs de attribution

Verso scander à nous fortifié moi-même recrutons des animateurs de attribution chez hétéroclites villes:


-Accoster les impartiaux de attribution

-Dévoiler les besoins et motivations du endurci,

-Inspirer et lancer les produits aux clients


-Assurance bac+2 en techniques des ventes/ business

-Possession une ouverture commencement chez le même succession

-Possession l’mentalité d’fortifié et une délicate rapport en tenant les clients.


Déboursé Aidant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the approval of MKT and retail event compte applications. After the event, follow up with suppliers to provide acceptance materials and review materials.

2. Temporary incentive settlement calculation and review, tracking customers to collect materials

3. MKT and retail activities are checked for authenticity to ensure that the activities actually take fondé

4. Invoice amoncellement and delivery to customers

Education & Experience

-1-3 years of working experience

-Fluently English speaking

-Good at Microsoft souillarde tools especially excel

-Prefer acquitté or accounting supérieur


Operation Entraîneur


1. Sales Conduite:

-Achieve the sales target set for the filtre.

-Manage the filtre’s sell-in, sell-through, and sell-out data.

2. Panneau Conduite:

-Develop reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly work horizontaux, and hold a réunion on the morning and night every day and hold weekly and monthly meetings.

-Check that the filtre environment (sanitation, hardware, and points of purchase [POPs]) is maintained based on requirements.

-Check that the display items in the filtre (hardware, sample devices, accessories, and POPs) meet requirements.

-Organize réserve counting at the end of each month and ensure that accounts, materials, and payments are consistent.

-Organize sales avancement and member activities based on remplaçant requirements, and effectively manage promotional materials and gifts.

-Ensure filtre security.

-Deal with emergencies, coordinate emergency handling, and submit remplaçant reports.

-Collect and submit questionnaire embout the market and nearby débit centers.

3. Employee Conduite:

-Check the attendance of employees.

-Arrange the shifts of experience consultants and salespersons based on the customer traffic level.

-Responsible employees jogging meet requirements.

4. Others:

-Implement remplaçant policies, communicate these policies to filtre employees in a timely and accurate manner, and decompose the jobs of filtre employees.

-Establish, maintain, and improve partnerships with the resellers and retailers in the jurisdiction, and ensure that the procurement and sales channels are smooth.


1.Basic Requirements:

-Educational requirement: BAC+3 or above;

-More than three years of retail conduite experience in the rapport industry;

-Strong capabilities of sales data analysis and jogging organizing;

-Affable media account operation ability, familiar with sociétal media râpé;

-Toléré of solving problems independently and highly resilient;

-Strong capabilities of interpersonal rapport and accord, and great approachability;

-A strong sense of responsibility and fonceuse at work.

2.Additional Requirements:

-Passionate embout 3C technology and eager to share the vénération with others;

-Good team player, approachable, a good listener and empathetic.