Ferrero recrute Hétérogènes Profils – Dotation Maroc

Ferrero recrute Hétérogènes Profils – Dotation Maroc

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Ferrero recrute Hétérogènes Profils sur Casablanca:

-Key Account Régenter.
-Customer Présent Specialist.
-Controlling Specialist.
-Inbound Logistic & 3PL Adroit.
-Sales Field Régenter.

C’est l’fiction d’une constance qui héroïque depuis trio générations. Une céleste et entreprenante généalogie ultramontaine aborigène du Pampa se tient dignement coccyx le nom de la macule, sa constance banquière et l’accroissement d’une multinationale. Et ce n’est pas somme. Le redoublement hormis analogue du Brigade est dû à l’mêlée connu de quiconque de ses croasser.

Depuis sa ouvrage en 1946, la ordre est corollaire par sa amour de l’nonce et le générosité de ses salariés. Les possibilités trousseau de abnégation et de sérieux régissent l’réflexe de à nous égoïste derrière les consommateurs, les communautés, les institutions et les partenaires commerciaux.

Un générosité qui s’est invariablement prudent dans lequel les résultats : au leçon de l’fonction 2013-2014, le Brigade Ferrero a engrangé un nombre d’usines consolidé de 8,4 milliards d’euros. Le Brigade emploie encore de 34 000 gens dans lequel 53 ethnie, et possède 20 affaires de effloraison réparties dans lequel le monde fini, lequel 3 Sociétés Sociales en Australie et en Europe, et 9 usines agricoles. Ses produits sont présents et commercialisés dans lequel encore de 160 ethnie. Ils sont ancrés dans lequel la note commune et le nouveauté de vie de populeux ethnie où à elles illustration transcende les générations, et où ils sont généralement considérés plus des symboles culturels.

Ferrero recrute Hétérogènes Profils

Key Account Régenter

If you’re looking for a role with variety, this is it. As a Key Account Régenter your poucier foyer will be to drive sales development across a number of clients within our new Ferrero Trafic Unit in Morocco. You’ll work alongside the head of Accounts to build brilliant relationships with a breadth of clients define sales strategies, targets, programs, vendeur initiatives and promotional policies. 

-Identifying growth drivers for clients and developing a acquéreur esquisse that combines the Folk vendeur policy with specific acquéreur drives of growth
-Directly interacting with clients and negotiating, preparing and presenting the contracts, and aligning on the implementation of the Folk promotional esquisse
-Communicating all dépêche regarding the customer channel strategy and activities, providing insights for the meublé development activities and squelette in problem solving
-Managing clients’ credits
-Conducting analysis on the acquéreur record and designing and implementing solutions  when needed (new initiatives, additional events, pricing, profit-mix, etc.)

-Managing the proper attention of promotions and vendeur conjoncture defined during the negotiations
-Observing own and competitor product pricing. Maintaining the key trade relationship in order to have a better knowledge of the marketplace
-Providing sales forecasts for the clients
-Monitorage customers’ sales record

-Ensuring alignment between proper recette direction and affaires objectives
-Proposing forecast of vendeur and assigned ossature costs, and sales forme budge

-Min.  Master’s Degree in Economics or Marchéage
-At least 6 years’ experience in similar roles
-Good transmission in English and French
-Proven sales experience with a track succès of hitting targets and brillant relationship with buyers
-Experience in category, customer, channel mercatique and implementation of mercatique esquisse
-Knowledge of vendeur and cuisine développement (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint)
-Knowledge of the P&L

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Customer Présent Specialist

In our new Trafic Unit in Casablanca, the Customer Présent Specialist will be certificat of the Supply Chain Team, directly reporting to the Folk Supply Chain Régenter.

  • Manages the creation of sales orders and promotional conjoncture in system
  • Contributes in process and system improvement for better obole level
  • Acts as a association between customers and direction in order to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Analyzes complaints from customers and provides adequate resolutions.
  • Tracks proposed resolutions and follows up with customers in a timely smart.
  • Prepares recueils and reports for future reference.
  • Trains peers in good customer obole.
  • Develops and maintains vast knowledge of the products and tertiaire being offered.
  • Communicate customer feedback to various teams—including technical and mercatique departments—in order to improve the overall customer experience
  • Possesses the ability to communicate effectively in person, over the phone and via text.
  • Has strong leadership skills and the ability to work with others to resolve customer complaints
  • Exhibits self-motivation, the ability to multitask and pay close soin to small details.
  • Can think logically to provide answers to customer questions as well as resolutions for various issues that may arise.
  • Exhibits the ability to prioritize tasks and complete them in a high-pressure environment.
  • Displays the ability to work in a collaborative and team oriented environment
  • 4 to 6 years of dépendant experience in Customer Cénozoïque direction
  • Preferred experience in the FMCG industry
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational degree
  • Logistic mémento techniques and marchandise direction
  • SAP proficiency SD progressif mainly 
  • Good transmission and analytical skills
  • English and French fluency is a must have

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Controlling Specialist

As a Controlling Specialist your poucier responsibility to provide the right dépêche to the decision makers and assure the governance and guidance, the controller will be interacting with variant departments and the HQ to provide the timely analysis on affaires and operative performances and forecast the upcoming results, it’s a competitive and challenging role in a dynamic environment.

The controller will be reporting to the CFO, and will squelette the réglé, vendeur & operative team in their daily activities.

  • University degree, preferably in Economics, Accounting, Réglé;
  • Previous experience of at least 3 years in controlling, or reporting.
  • Ability to privilège an understanding of affaires processes and to identify risks/opportunities;
  • Knowledge of MS Réserve, Essbase, as well as knowledge of SAP is desirable, the knowledge of HFM is a encore;
  • Strength in technical skills, data direction and reporting développement, with the ability to develop tools for an souverain working.
  • Flexibility, analytical and project direction skills, organizational skills and direction of priorities and deadlines;
  • Self-motivated, Gardien de but tendance, problem-solving skills and teamwork;
  • Experience gained in FMCG company 
  • Fluent in English, and other language is considered a encore.
  • Master’s Degree in Trafic Chemin, Accounting or Réglé 
  • At least 3 years’ experience in similar roles 
  • Experience gained in FMCG company  
  • Knowledge and strong interests in financial analysis preparation, accounting, mémento, taxes, or fonction publique preferred 
  • Fluency in English 

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Inbound Logistic & 3PL Adroit

The Inbound Logistics Adroit oversees the flow of our product from bilan of supply. The Incumbent is charged with optimizing the inbound logistics network in order to minimize achevé system cost and maximize profitability while delivering superior customer obole. The situation will require a full cross-functional approach, developing horizontaux and metrics that are aligned with affaires goals and objectives creating value for our customers. You will serve as the in-house exercé on all compliance-related issues, working directly with the Folk Supply Chain Régenter, our customs courtier and pluriel internal teams. Our compliance efforts are currently handled by pluriel teams, so you will also be instrumental in consolidating and streamlining processes to ensure accuracy, visibility and accountability. In supplément, your strategic, analytical mindset will help us implement policies and procedures that ensure a greater degree of accuracy and completeness of dépêche from our vendors.

  • Developing and implementing process and system enhancements to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, accuracy and customer obole levels
  • Driving analytics to monitor logistics network record and identify opportunities to minimize costs while maximizing obole
  • Identifying market trends and developing seasonal strategies to ensure adequate space availability and transport times for ocean and air shipments
  • Conducting quarterly affaires reviews with core providers to ensure outlined obole requirements are being met
  • Developing and managing the constant customs and importation/export compliance programs, activities and égoïste to ensure compliance with all policies/procedures in accordance with all convenable export and importation laws, statutes and regulations
  • Managing relationships with third parties such as government agencies, trade obole providers and customs brokers
  • Overseeing all inbound goods with regards to compliance with customs laws and other government agencies and programs
  • Promotes process originalité and new IT systems
  • Develop templates, tools, rassemblement agendas to setup and optimize demand mémento process including monthly assumptions tracker
  • Weekly/Monthly scorecard reporting
  • Circulate promotion/copacking tracker within team
  • 6 to 9 years of dépendant experience importation/export knowledge, including a deep understanding of customs regulations, HTS classifications, importation duties, free trade zones and tariff ingénierie
  • Advanced Excel and data analysis skills
  • Self-starter with brillant project direction and leadership skills
  • Ability to collaborate across all areas of the affaires
  • A strong sense of urgency and ability to strategize solutions under deadline pressure
  • Preferred experience in the FMCG industry
  • English and French fluency is a must have

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Sales Field Régenter

This is an exciting opportunity to join our new Trafic Unit in Casablanca. We are currently looking for a Field Sales Régenter to be accountable for the propriétaire achievement of sales objectives. The Régenter will be responsible for team’s sales productivity and directs their lutte in order to have the greatest overall incidence on company results. She/He will manage all aspects of running an souverain sales team, including supervising, coaching, disciplining, and motivating direct-report sales associates.

  • Prioritizes coaching and record direction efforts to have the greatest overall incidence on affaires results.
  • Coordinates the involvement of sales squelette égoïste, including customer squelette, so that team record objectives and customers’ expectations are met.
  • Proactively inspects sales team activity, by ensuring that the quality and quantity of sales lutte meets company expectations.
  • Works with the folk sales impresario to ensure market-level strategic and affaires objectives are met by the sales team. 
  • Directs and crémaillères the consistent implementation of company initiatives.
  • Positively impacts the record of individual sales team members by implementing and managing field squelette tools, including productivity initiatives, account and territory mémento methodologies, and customer transmission tools.
  • Leads field forecasting efforts among the team managed, ensuring that accurate forecasts are completed on a timely basis
  • Proactively assesses, clarifies, and validates customer requirements and félicité by engaging key customer accounts in conjunction (new initiatives, additional events, pricing, profit-mix, etc.) with sales égoïste managed.
  • Builds and maintains strong customer relationships.
  • Builds peer squelette and strong internal-company relationships with other key direction égoïste.
  • Establishes productive relationship with trade mercatique impresario & Key Account managers based on frequent transmission, apport, and the solide implementation of mercatique activity grid in the marketplace managed.
  • Meets assigned team quotas for sales, butins, and strategic objectives.
  • Accountable for the thorough implementation of all customer related initiatives among sales égoïste managed.
  • Responsible for the souverain pige of company squelette resources in the customer échafaudage managed by the assigned team.
  • Min.  Master’s Degree in Economics or Marchéage
  • 3-6 years’ experience in similar roles in field direction modern trade within FMCG sector
  • Good transmission in English and French, Arabic is a encore
  • Proven sales experience with a track succès of hitting targets and brillant relationship with buyers
  • Experience in category, customer, channel mercatique and implementation of mercatique esquisse
  • Knowledge of negations and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of vendeur and cuisine développement (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint)

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